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  • your house = Smart?
    choose how you like to setup your house, but in a smart way, what to control, there are a lot of things to control
  • Simple
    As simple as controlling lights, anywhere, what lights go on or off and
    setup scheduling of the lights in any room.
  • Simple Illustration
    for what you can do
    lights, curtains, etc
    offline management too
On Going House
House Smarted!
Smart Things

Why choose us ?

Want a Budget for your smart home? we are the right fit!

Cost Per Install

Cost Per Install

We have cost per install where you choose the area you want and we just work on that area, and its as low as $10 (hardware of your choosing and not included)

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Our staff is experienced and professional to handle all the upgrades for your smarthome needs

Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Our product and services come with a warranty (term and conditions apply), you don't have to worry for any trouble as we will assist you.

Maintenance Visit

Maintenance Visit

We offer maintenance visit based on requests or contracts, just to make sure if you have any troubles or need of assistance.

Our Selected Works

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A brand new way to live comfortably in your house / apartments

We power apartments, house and setting it up based on preferences and how the client wants to interact with the house. Sounds fun right, to live with ability of ease and easy of house management.


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Our quality services


You can always consult with our team anytime, no cost for that!

Any hardware Don't Matter

Any hardware you like to make it smart, we can do it for you!

Custom Offline and Online App

Control your house Offline or Online, more detailed to be explained