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    We apply tech savvy to SmartHome applications, the new life that apply technologies to simplify things.
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    We are a global creative agency helping companies to achieve what their vision and imagination through
    technologies solutions that we apply.
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Need a home that is smart? We apply that to your needs from lights, Air Conditioner, Auto Scheduling, installing, custom app that suits your need. Starting from hardware install, configurations, setup, you name it. We are the BOT for you!

We have been developing web + mobil application on a wide range of open sources platform to ensure an user experience at its maximum and still in budget for 11years+ now, and still going strong, each day we challenge ourselves with features and more robust way of getting things done the right way.

Sometimes you wanted to fix what you had? right, we got you covered, we have been doing it since the beginning and still doing it for some of our clients, maintenance and optimizing what you have, making sure you are in safe hands is what matters.

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We are experienced professional with a motto of getting the satisfactions of you, and we are empowered by like-minded team who are always learning to improve on our expertise of work.

Most of our clients are international companies

Yes we worked with international clients since 2009 until NOW, and still rocking it!!