Now Soaring High: Flybrix

Are you fond of Lego? How about drones? Now imagine both of them being combined together. Yes, a Lego drone is now officially a thing! All thanks to Flybrix.

Flybrix launches this drone kit that enables anyone to create their own quad/hex/octocopters. The Basic and Deluxe edition kits are now offered at a limited-time introductory price of $149 and $189 respectively.

The Lego drones need to be built around a flightboard, which is a pre-programmed PCB board connected to a 3.7v LiPo battery which comes with a USB LiPo battery charger cord.

Once built, you can make it fly by using a standard remote controller. RC are inclusive in the Deluxe kits. The Basic kits don’t have it, but there are two options to make it operable. You can buy an RC expansion pack which costs $80 or you can use the Flight Control App, both for Android and iOs, to operate the drone.

What makes this product be the next big thing in the market? Well, aside from the main fact that you could actually build your own aircraft and be able to make it fly is a whooping experience, there are a lot of special features that this Lego drone offers us.

Flybrix designed this to be rebuildable and crash-friendly, so you need not worry to try and test it all the time. One can make innovative experience by designing new airframes and tuning them for flight through the Flybrix Chrome Extension Configuration Software. Yes, it is customizable.

And most importantly, Flybrix drone is so much more than just a toy. The experience of building and customizing is a fantastic way of learning where everyone will enjoy. After finding out all of the amazing things that this new thing offers us, I could really say, the sky is the limit!

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