Drupal 7 Resetting the administrator password

As a developer, many times we encounter so many passwords that we used for many kinds of websites. Well some of developers use the same passwords but usually or mostly I believe likes to do multiple passwords and that tends to be a disaster when you forgot the password on one of your Drupal 7 administrator.

So I am adding some info on how we can reset our admin password as I used it couple of times not often but it seems needed to be keep notice of :)

here you go :

  1. 1st you can use the basic method that is via the request password link in your Drupal 7 site that is www.yourdomain.com/user/password but if that does not work out you can use another step below.
  2. reset via database just run this query into the site : 
    UPDATE users SET pass ='$S$CTo9G7Lx28rzCfpn4WB2hUlknDKv6QTqHaf82WLbhPT2K5TzKzML' WHERE uid = 1;
    (this will be "newpwd") for your claimed password

Clear flood table

If you have reset password either by using script or "request new password" but still receive "Sorry, there have been more than 5 failed login attempts for this account. It is temporarily blocked." then you may delete the corresponding entry in flood table.

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